Inventory Organisation


Preparation :

  • Determining the process
  • Organization of the storage areas
  • Control of the labeling of items
  • Identify the goods that are not to be inventoried
  • Identify the delivered stock to the inventory team
  • Identify stock that is in storage areas
  • Update the stock cards and those of eve of the inventory

Divide into batches

  • Marking of the Site (store, warehouse ....): dividing areas : separating areas
Reminder of the importance of the inventory, of the method and characteristics to the team involved.


  • Progress of the counting of goods
  • Monitoring, treatment and reference checks
  • Printing batches with differences, unknown references, etc...
  • Control counting of the differences and search for unknown codes (with the help of the manager)

Caution :

Unidentified articles : call technicians to identify these items
Damaged / obsolete items: put aside and inventory them


  • Validation by the store manager (signature of the inventory report)
  • Provision of an inventory file for the team
  • Integration of the file on the cash register or transfer of the file to the headquarters by e-mail
  • Extensive and reliable inventory data
  • Reports and summarys of the inventory tour
  • A rapid feedback for greater responsiveness of our teams


Partnerschaftliche Inventur, was heisst das ?

Inventur durchgefuhrt von Novastock in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ihrem Team

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Warum Material für die Inventur mieten ?

Wenn Sie Ihre Inventur selber machen möchten und dazu Material (z.B. Barcodescanners) benötigen, um Kosten und Zuverlässigkeit zu optimieren, jedoch ohne selbst zu investieren

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