Items to be inventoried

Companies must identify all the elements belonging to their capital at least once a year.

You have to count all the items in stock :
  • Merchandise
  • Supply
  • In the making
  • Work in Progress
  • Semi-finished
  • Finished goods and packaging 
The physical inventory must include :
  • Store stocks
  • The company workshops
  • Stocks held, as a deposit by third parties.
  • The goods or other products in transit. (from supplier to the customer).
The inventory of your capital asset should be performed in order to calculate your professional tax. The amount of the professional tax is equal to the tax base, the rate is  determined by the state..

Which assets should you declare ?

  • Technical facilities
  • Equipment and Industrial Tooling
  • General Installations
  • Various development and preparations
  • Transport equipment
  • Computer and Office equipment
  • Furniture and reusable packaging

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Partnerschaftliche Inventur, was heisst das ?

Inventur durchgefuhrt von Novastock in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ihrem Team

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Warum Material für die Inventur mieten ?

Wenn Sie Ihre Inventur selber machen möchten und dazu Material (z.B. Barcodescanners) benötigen, um Kosten und Zuverlässigkeit zu optimieren, jedoch ohne selbst zu investieren

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