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Partnership inventory

Inventories carried out in partnership between Novastock and your store staff :

How does it work ?


  • Provides Material (Readers, PC’s, Etiquettes, Consumables)
  • Mobilizes the required team
  • Realizes a beaconing of the store with bar-codes labels
  • Makes sure of the adherence to methodology of inventory
  • Controls with PC the quantities and references in the inventoried store
  • Supervises the research of the unknown references and the treatment of the items without label
  • Organizes the data processing according to the options selected
  • Hands in the inventory files into the format and the support agreed
  • Fills in the inventory and evaluation report with the store manager
Your teams :
  • Check the marking.
  • Take part to the control process and look at items without label or none-referenced.
  • Carry out the scanning.

What is the process ?

  • Methodological validation
  • Data-processing validation
  • Logistic validation
  • Realization of the inventories
  • Analysis and Assessment/ Report

Which options can be added ?

  • Calculation of the differences with the theoretical stock
  • Systematized specific Controls (according to the families of products, values of the products…)
  • Valorization of the inventoried stock, creation of a specific file.
  • Research of all defective and unsaleable goods.

Partnerschaftliche Inventur, was heisst das ?

Inventur durchgefuhrt von Novastock in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ihrem Team

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Warum Material für die Inventur mieten ?

Wenn Sie Ihre Inventur selber machen möchten und dazu Material (z.B. Barcodescanners) benötigen, um Kosten und Zuverlässigkeit zu optimieren, jedoch ohne selbst zu investieren

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